Running Hog Farm

Naturally Raised + Non GMO + Pastured Pork


We are committed to naturally raised, non-GMO, heritage pork.  Our breeding stock includes Large Black Hogs, Red Wattle and Tamworth.  These heritage breeds are hardy and thrive on pasture.

We offer pastured pork that is marbled, juicy and delicious. Come see us every Saturday in Nolensville at the Nolensville Farmer's Market or in Franklin every Tuesday at the Berry Farms Farmer's Market and Wednesdays at Westhaven. Or you can contact us to set up an appointment to visit the farm to purchase your favorite pork products. 

We specialize in Large Black Hogs and are members of the Large Black Hog Association. Large Black Hogs are a heritage breed that nearly became extinct during the 1960's. 

From the Large Black Hog Association: They retain the traits of their ancestors that lived on the pastures and woods of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. They are hardy animals able to handle the cold and heat. They can effectively convert pasture and goodies found in your woods into nutrition. Great mothering ability; good sized litters; longevity. Despite their large size they are well known as very docile hogs. Their dark coloring makes them more resistant to sunburn. And their pork might be the best available; micromarbled and deliciously Old World flavor.